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Since the founding of our company in 1979,
we at Gianni Venturi have high quality and low prices as our core values.
Each collection is designed to anticipate and interpret the needs,desires and expectations of our customers.
Our mission is to protect your eyes by continuously improving our products.
Our factories, in northern Italy with advanced manufacturing processes and high quality materials guarantee the
quality of check and confirm every pair of glasses produced.
Our stores are fully equipped with the latest technology 
to help quickly and efficiently service your need for a better vision.
Our employees with years of experience in the profession 
are always willing to provide an expert opinion and a helping hand.
Combining scientific training, excellent service, professionalism, reliability 
and following the developments in our field we aim at total customer satisfaction.
It is our promise that in Gianni Venturi stores
you will always find excellent and courteous service and respect for the customer.
This has always been the vision of Dimitrios Katsantonis, the company's founder.